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Notifications outside of the Kin app Follow

So we just added an expense to our group. Most of the members of the group aren’t on Kin yet, and I’ve just realized we can’t notify them outside of the app...

It would be cool if we could generate a notification message with who owes what (I.e. R350 each, in this case) including the banking details to where they must settle and send this to our WhatsApp group.

Killing two birds with one stone (expense notification and sharing of bank details) and a neat little feature to show off the app to mates in WhatsApp groups. :)




  • Great idea Alex,

    We're considering some form of a web app in future, which I think could go a long way to offering exactly what you're suggesting :)

  • Great! A simple message to those outside, especially to those in whatsapp groups, could close the gap in the interim. :)

  • :)

  • I like that, I would imagine it to be a group summary. Saying who owes who and if there was only one person to be paid it could include bank account details for convenience.

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