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One tap to add an expense Follow

Instead of clicking next and then save, I would prefer just one tap. Think it will speed up the process of adding an expense.




  • Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for the suggestion! We've included the 'next' button to make it a little easier to enter an amount and a description. So when you're adding an expense, the screen defaults to the amount input field, and instead of tapping on the 'enter description' input field to add an expense descriptor, you can just select next.

    But we're super open to always improving the app, and love to hear from our customers on how we can do that, so I'll definitely share this with the Design and UX teams :)

  • Hi again Stefan.

    We're busy prototyping an improved experience when it comes to adding paid and future expenses, and hope to share it in the Kin Lab soon :)

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