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I’ve got my handyman on kin so he can post quotes (planned expenses) and invoices (“paid expenses”), but the terminology confuses him (as they are not “expenses”). Other than that, it really is a good use case for something like this! Maybe we can use more universal terms so it can apply for broader use cases than just “expenses”?




  • Thanks for the feedback and suggestion Alex,

    We're really aiming for the app to be easy to grasp for everyone using it. There's always a delicate balance between using terminology that caters to the widest possible audience, but that is also as specific as possible as to what the primary function is of any place in the app, but I hear you :)

    We can definitely look at the use of the word "expenses" in the app.

  • Another way of looking at my suggestion is that every time you set up a group and define its purpose, it sets the permutations/ options within that group.

    E.g. a buying group will have expenses, a savings group will have contributions, a charity will have donations and a potential fundraising target, a service provider will have a quite and an invoice etc etc.

    I think catering for 3 or 4 of those broad use cases will unlock a fair amount of relevance and value.

  • Great, thanks for the additional info! So you're suggesting that if you could set a purpose for your group in addition to the current purpose description, we could set the terminology to be more specific for the purpose it's used for?

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