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The ability to hide certain transactions Follow

So this is a new one: I’ve just set up a group to collect funds for my brothers birthday present. However, some guys in the group are a bit cash strapped and don’t want to show how much they are contributing. This is actually very common when we crowd fund gifts or if we pool money together for charity (I have another monthly charity group with mates outside of Kin).




  • Hmm, that's an interesting one Alex. As you know, currently all paid expenses affect the balances, and the transactions add to the activity feed, so it would require quite a rethink of the app. But I can definitely see how some in the group would not want their contribution to be visible to everyone in the group.

    In your mind, if someone was able to choose not to make their contribution amount visible to all, would you as the group 'admin' still be able to see the amounts in your activity feed, and it would also show on the activity feeds of others in the groups, but just not the amount?

  • Spot on, Andre. This is not an uncommon requirement – gifts (birthdays, weddings etc) and fundraising are two pretty frequent uses cases where my friends and I do money together.

  • Gotcha, thanks for confirming Alex! We've had a very similar request for this, so thanks for adding your 'voice' to the suggestion :)

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