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Settling for others in an equal split Follow

My mate settled for him and his wife as we allocated costs for each of them. Now it’s as though I owe him. We should cater for when people settle for each other.




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  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the suggestion and for the additional info in our email conversation. So just to confirm, you paid for 5 people for dinner, and split the expense equally between all 5. Your mate settled for himself and his wife, but now it shows that he owes you.

    As mentioned in my mail, the current logic in the app now thinks that he overpaid (his own split portion and his wife's), which is why the app now shows that you owe him.

    But your mate should ideally have had the option when he overpaid to 'mark' that he settled for two people in the split. Great suggestion.

    For now, to fix the current issue, can I suggest that you edit the original split as a custom split between 4 and not an equal split between 5 people in the group? And then set your mate's amount to cover both his own and his wife's portion of the split.

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