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Invites should be easier Follow

In the Works

We’ve made a group to settle dinner. The process to add people to groups is way too long... when you add someone and they have kin, they should be notified immediately. You should only have to send a WhatsApp invite if they don’t have kin.




  • We agree Alex. Inviting others to a group should be an effortless experience. You should be able to easily invite people from your contact list, invite others that are already on Kin without having to Whatsapp a link, and also add people to the group that you might want to invite later - all in one seamless experience.

    We're currently working on a new invite flow and hope to make it available in the app pretty soon :)

  • I could not agree more with this. Can't wait for this feature to come in.

  • Hi Alex. We launch Kin Lab yesterday, which is a place here on the community where we play with new ideas, experiment with prototypes, and ask what you think of them.

    The first prototype that we've shared is a new way to invite others to your Kin groups. When you have a moment, it would be really great if you could give the two prototypes a walk-through, and let us know which one you prefer, and why?

    You can find the post here:

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