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Inviting multiple people Follow


I’m inviting a bunch of people to my kin group but it generates a link with an individual’s name. I should be able to generate a link that I can send to multiple people in WhatsApp and then they come into the group automatically if they have the link, instead of inviting one at a time.




  • Hey Alex. Thanks for the suggestion. The Kin app is a shared experience, so inviting others to your groups, and others accepting those invites, is one of the most important first steps in setting up a group - and any time thereafter.

    We're currently doing quite a bit of brainstorming on group invites, with the aim to make the experience as seamless and easy as possible :)

  • Hi Alex. In the most recent version of the app, apart from inviting others individually, you're now also able to share a link to the group. You can either copy the link, or share it directly via the app.

    You can access the group share link from your group settings screen by tapping on people. You'll see a "Share a link to the group' option at the top, right underneath 'Add someone'.

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