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Using the Kin app to plan a weekend away Follow

The Kin app can help to make doing things together easier, by making some of the money things clearer and fairer. We’ve just released the very first version of the Kin app. Even though it’s a very early version, you can still use it to help do money things together.

One scenario that we’ve looked at a lot is group trips - small (or big) trips and holidays with a group of people. You can use the Kin app to plan for a trip, putting in how much you think things will cost, and you can also use Kin while you are on the trip to keep track of how much things actually cost. You can also use Kin to settle up between people in the trip, so that it’s easier to keep things fair.

Setting up a group on Kin

Once you’ve downloaded the Kin app and registered, create a group. This is where you will plan and track for your trip. A good group name can also help to add to the fun and excitement!

Then, you need to add people to the group. You should add each person who will be on the trip. All transactions can be split amongst the people in the group (and you can choose to just split amongst a few people). You don’t actually need each person to sign up to Kin. We know that sometimes there are people who are on the trip, but might not be users of Kin. In that case, add them to the group, but don’t send the invite.

In this example, I am planning a weekend trip to Durban with my friend Nonto. But I’ve just added her to the group and not sent the invite yet.

Estimates and plans

By using estimates, we can start to get a sense of what we think our trip might cost us. Perhaps we’re still in planning mode, and have not committed to a trip yet. By estimating, we can decide on the things we want to do (or not do).

For this example, I’ve put in flight estimates, accommodation estimates and car hire estimate. Already I can see that this little weekend jaunt is going to cost at least R10,500 total!

When adding estimates, you don’t have to indicate who will pay. But if it helps for group planning, you can add that in.

Tracking things when they’ve been paid

Tracking actuals, or things that have been paid for, is how you can calculate who owes who what (and ask people in the group to settle up!). In this case, I’ve decided to make sure that our tickets to uShaka Marine World are booked! So, having booked tickets online, I’ve added it to our paid expenses.

Moving from estimate to paid

Click on any expense item in the list in Estimate (here, it’s “flights” as I’ve now booked the flight), and by changing the tab to “Paid”, you can move your items from Estimated to Paid. I’ve edited the amount to R3,796 as I found a good deal on FlySafair (and we’ve decided to fly hand luggage only). Now I need to show who paid (me again) and how to split it.

So, the Kin app can help you to plan how much a trip might cost, and to track and split what it does cost.





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