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This is what we think, why we do things, and how we want to be.

Kin Manifesto - a work in progress Follow

We're building Kin, and that means many things. As well as an app, a service and a community, we're also building a business. And so we're thinking a lot about how and why we do those things.

One of the things that helps us to communicate what we're doing - both internally and externally - is a manifesto.

This is the current draft. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

The Kinship manifesto

We are about people.

We’re not a tech or financial services business. We are a people business. And we are in business to help people. So we put people at the start and centre of everything we do.

That means people come before profit (though we believe this will help make us profitable). We do right by other people. We consider other people. We treat others the way we want to be treated: like fellow human beings. That, after all, is what kinship is.

It means we respect and aggressively defend people’s privacy. We will not use their data for our own gain or in ways they don’t want us to. Nor will we deliberately obfuscate information, indulge in perverse incentives or otherwise take advantage of anyone in any way that benefits us at their expense.

It means that we can never put our trustworthiness and integrity in doubt. We will be honest, honourable and humble, always.

And it means that, beyond simple decency, we should also be generous: we should offer something of value, whether that is a product or service, ideas or information, support or empathy. If we are to belong in people’s lives, we have to earn our place there.

This is how we see kinship. If you fund Kin, work with Kin or use Kin, you can and should hold us to it.





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