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Murmurations: what can happen when we join together Follow

Murmurations are used to describe flocks of starlings moving together, creating shapes and patterns in the sky as they do. It's a remarkable sight, and it's starting to be caught more regularly on camera. Head over to YouTube for breathtaking videos, such as this one captured by Dutch filmmaker Jan van Ijken.

As we've been working on building Kin, we've been having plenty of conversations and thinking around what it means to do things together, and what happens within a collective. We've been finding natural phenomena, such as the murmurations, inspiring. They remind us not just of the immense beauty that can arise from a group forming, but also how much is unknown about how these systems work and behave.

If you want to know about some of the science describing murmurations, there are a few Wired articles worth diving into: Amazing Starling Flocks Are Flying Avalanches and The Startling Science of a Starling Murmuration.

So, now you know!





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