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Group icons gets a spit and polish (5 April 2019)

In the latest version, we’ve improved some features and added others.

What's new

  • Group icons: We’ve given it a spit and polish, so you should now have a much better experience editing your images.
  • Invite links: Individual and group invites are now less wordy. We think shorter is sweeter.
  • Activity feed: A welcome message is now displayed when you create or join a group.
  • Empty state images: When you sign up on Kin, or create a new group, you’ll see much more visually delightful empty state images.
  • Sign in: We’ll now remember your last sign in method on the Android app as well.

If you have questions or need some help, or if you want to tell us what you think of the latest version, please to get in touch with us.

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