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Take your first steps towards doing money better together.

What is Kin for?


We are Kin.

We want to help people be better with their money.

We can’t live without money, but we’re not very good at living with it.

Our inherent irrationalities trip us up, but we don’t learn how to do money better. We may study economics, but not how to improve our relationship with money. Rarely do our parents teach us adequately about it. And even as adults we don’t like to ask for help. Money causes stress throughout our lives, contributing to illness and to fraught or failed relationships.

We think we can help.

We believe that things are better together.

Good times are more enjoyable, more memorable, more special when we share them with others. And when things aren’t so good, other people help us, advise us and support us. Because they are people who are like us, know us, care for us, and get us. They are our kin. And they make the best and worst of times better.

Shouldn’t that include money?

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Getting started

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