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What's new in the latest Kin update (15 Nov 2018)

Hello kinfolk! Our quest to make the Kin app better and better continues, and we’ve just released a new version.  We’ve been studiously scanning your feedback and making improvements based on what you’ve said.

With every new release, we’re striving to introduce some new features, and some improvements to what’s already there.  In this version, here’s what you can expect to see.

  • You can now set a purpose for each of your groups, so that all the people in the group understand what it’s for.  The group purpose will also be included on any invitations you send, so your friends understand why they’ve been invited.
  • When you create a new group, you’ll now see a welcome screen summarising group details and people in the group. It’s just a handy group overview. When someone you’ve invited joins the group, that’s the first thing they’ll see so they get a welcoming introduction, instead of being dropped straight into the nitty-gritty.
  • Group settings have been expanded, so you can now manage group details and people all in one place. Click into a group and then click the settings icon in the top right.
  • If you’ve been wanting to clean up your groups for a while, you can now leave or delete a group, providing you don’t have any outstanding balances or expenses. In the next release we’ll be relaxing these rules so you can leave or delete as long as everyone in the group’s all square.
  • And finally, now you can tap a paid expense to see a more detailed view of it. Previously, that would have dropped you straight into edit mode, but we thought it would be better to show you everything first, and let you decide if you want to edit it.

We’re already hard at work on the next version, which will bring to life some more of your feedback and hopefully solve more of your problems.

In the meantime, thanks so much for working with us on the Kin pilot, and keep it coming - suggestions, problems, frustrations, ideas…. we want to hear it all.

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