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Some of the things you can do in the Kin app, and how to do them.

How to delete or leave a group

Once you've created a group, you might want to delete it at some point. On the other hand, if someone invited you to a group, and you've joined, you might also want to leave that group.

In both of those scenarios, you can just leave a group. Here's how:

How to leave a group

    1. When you're in a group you'd like to leave, select the group settings icon   top right.
    2. Select leave group from the available options.
    3. Next, you'll see a confirmation screen asking if you're sure. If you are, then select yes, leave bottom right.
    4. Once selected, you've left the group successfully. If you'd like to rejoin the group, any of the other remaining members can invite you once again.

 NOTE: For now, you can only leave a group if you have no paid expenses or balances. As we continue developing the Kin app, we're aiming to give you more options when leaving a group in future.

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