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Getting set up on Kin

 You can get started in a few easy steps

  1. Launch the Kin app.
  2. Select Let’s Go.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Tap the Send sign-in link button.
  5. Open your email app and find an email with the subject Sign in to Kin App.
  6. Tap the Sign in to Kin App blue link within the email, you will then be redirected to the Kin app and magically signed in.

      NOTE: On some phones you might get asked to open your browser before the next step.

  7. Enter your name where the large grey placeholder text reads Name. Once you are done, select Next.
  8. Fantastic, you are now all set up!

  TIP: Next step? Create your first Kin group. Find out how to create a group and add a friend.


I didn’t receive the email!

  • Oh no. This is awkward, please could you check your spam?
  • Are you checking the correct email account?
  • If so, we are terribly sorry, can we try this one more time?

I can’t open this email account on this device?

  • Sorry, to get going we’ll need to have an email account that is accessible from the device your kin app will be installed on.

I got the email but the link isn’t working?

  • Try to launch the app without the link? See if it works? If not, please write to us so we can double check that your device is whitelisted properly on our side.

The “send sign-in link” button isn’t working?

  • See if you have any blank spaces before or after your email, if you clear them, it should work.
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