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Some of the things you can do in the Kin app, and how to do them.

How to settle up using Kin

One of the benefits of using Kin to keep track of your shared money things is that it takes the guess work out of who owes who what. Each time a transaction is added to a group, Kin calculates everyone’s contributions, and shows you who owes who what to keep things fair.

You can use Kin to keep a running total, and you can also use Kin to settle up with each other. While you can pay each other in cash or EFT, it’s easy to use Kin to pay each other, so everything is kept in one place.

There are some things you need to have in place to make this quick and easy

  1. If you want to pay someone using Kin, you need to add your transacting card details. Once you’ve added them once, we use a token to make it easy to make payments using Kin. Your details are kept secure, and you can only make payments by logging into Kin on your phone.
  2. The person you want to pay needs to be using Kin as well, and they need to add their receiving bank details. They’ll receive the payment as an EFT in their South African bank account.
  3. Lastly, you and the person you want to pay need to be a part of the same Kin group.

  Note: You can only settle with each other based on the transaction information in the Kin group, so make sure you keep that accurate! 

Once you’re set up, it’s just a tap of a button to settle up with each other. Quick and fair.

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