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Some of the things you can do in the Kin app, and how to do them.

How to use Kin for shared budgets

Kin is made for doing money things together. You can use Kin to keep track of transactions in a group, and to keep track of planned transactions in a group.

To create a shared budget

  1. Create a group on Kin.
  2. Invite people to the group. These are the people who are all using the same budget. This could be for a one-off group activity like a trip or an event, or an ongoing activity like a houseshare or a movie club. If you need a hand at creating a group and adding people, here's how.
  3. Add transactions to track and create a budget. Transactions are either things that have already been paid for, or are estimates for things that are planned. Get more detail on transactions here.

Transactions in a group are how shared budgets are made in Kin. Using transactions, you can see how much has been spent as a group. By putting in planned transactions, you can also see what the anticipated spend is for the group, and use that to plan.

  TIP: Adding estimates is a good way to share with the group how much you think things will cost, so that together you can discuss and decide how much you want to spend, or make a plan to save for future transactions.

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